Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Hot Day in Sacramento!

Wow!  Another Hot One...somewhere in the 90's I guess...I know it's been hotter, but I just don't like being out in it!  Baxter's Papa has been working nights, so he's been home during the day..usually wakes up around 1-ish, then we actually have some time together in the afternoon and evening!  It's been nice.  

We have also decided to get our back yard back together.  We had it landscaped when we first moved into this house 7 years ago...but somehow weeds have invaded and we've hardly gone out back it looked so awful!  Yesterday, we had someone come and clean out the spa and get it back to running nicely...spent a little time out there last evening, and wondered why we had let it go so long!  Today, we had a young man looking to make some extra $$$ come and pull weeds...he had the yard looking wonderful in just a few hours..again, why have we put this off??  Anyway, we are probably going to expand the patio area and do some re-landscaping...so I'm anxious to start getting ideas and figure out what we are going to do!

Great Studio Time today!  It's funny how when the ideas start rolling in the come in floods!  I have always had a thing about houses and birds...they seem to be in everything I do.  Oh, and any kind of vintage paper, music or dictionary or anything!  Love French Books, also!  So, here's what I finished today...what do you think??

I have two more in the works.  This one will be listed on Etsy in the next day or two.

Busy day tomorrow...spending some time with the every so talented Mary (check out her Etsy Shop) and then meeting up with some Green Tangerine friends for Happy Hour!