Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday, Monday...

Busy weekend...but so much fun!  Saturday, our Cabo Crew (Green Tangerine friends) went up to Laura's house in Grass is really out in the boonies...but so beautiful!  I felt like I was on vacation somewhere up in the mountains.  I had my camera in my purse, and I can't believe I never took a picture!  Anyway, we sat out on her deck among the beautiful, tall pine trees and Laura had prepared us a wonderful lunch.  We had talked about doing a "project" of some sort...but we actually did what we always, talk and more talk!  I am so lucky to have such a wonderful group of friends...Thanks, CCs!!!!!!!

Sunday, my sister called and said she was coming up to Sacramento to bring some important mail to her son, Chris (who is busy studying for the Bar Exam next week), and suggested we all meet up for lunch.  We went downtown to Ernesto's for Mexican Food....YUM!!!  And it was just so nice to see everyone.  Oh yeah, the important papers were his entrance papers for the Bar!!  Three days of exams (can you imagine?) starting a week from tomorrow...please send him some good vibes!

Today, has been STUDIO DAY...finished a new one...let me know what you think??
 Also spent a bunch of time looking into printing options, so I will be offering prints as well as originals on Etsy!