Saturday, August 14, 2010

There's a Lot Going on Around Here!

We had to make some changes to the Landscaping Plans...but we have it all finalized now.  Just waiting for the print outs from Ben...come on Ben!  We've been setting up appts with the Concrete guys to get bids...hope to have a patio, mounds, and rocky bench area in a couple of weeks...still looking at plants and lighting.  Lighting will definitely come later.

Best news ever is Green Tangerines is coming back...and really on their way to a Grand Re-opening!  For you GTers out there...Kelly's doing great after her foot surgery!
She can even spend some time in tennis shoes with out the boot!  And she certainly is getting around so well...maybe too much!  Don't forget to rest, Kel!!!

Speaking of getting around...they are getting the fixtures cleaned and organized in the store.  The classroom and workshop are done, fixtures are attached to the outside walls, and things are progressing incredibly!
But...the best Product is arriving!!!  Here's some peaks of the new Bo Bunny papers!!!