Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Baxter's Papa

A few weeks ago Baxter's Papa had some shortness of breath, went to the Dr, had a bunch a medical test and was sent to the Cardiologist.  We went Monday, and found out that he has at least one blocked artery and a faulty valve.  The Dr was very concerned, and got him in for a Splent to be inserted into his artery tomorrow.  My understanding is that it is a very routine procedure, but I am still concerned.  Please keep him in your thoughts tomorrow.  He will be checking in at 9AM, and is scheduled for the surgery at 11-11:30.  I will have my laptop, so as long as I'm plugged in I'll be OK in the waiting I will have my sweet friend, Paula, with me.  Thanks, Paula!

On a happier note, Kristi and I have been playing in the studio...she has come up with a fabulous banner!  Can't show it yet, but here's a sneak peek.
Some local news:  Green Tangerines is getting closer and closer to opening!  Product is arriving daily, and the shelve are getting ready to be stocked...

And, in case you haven't heard...Bee Altered is going to have a dedicated space inside Green Tangerines for all your altered art needs.  Mary has been collected some fantastic goodies for us!  She sure has a knack for finding the most awesome's a SMALL portion of the goodies that are ready to be carted over to the store.
I'll try to get a few pics of some of her goodies!

Please keep Baxter's Papa in your thoughts tomorrow...