Monday, October 25, 2010

Back to Business

This has been a crazy week for us!  Baxter's Papa had his Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery and he's doing great!  However, I have to admit it was nervewracking and scary for me.  We had the best Cardiac Surgeon, and the best hospital staff...but you always know there is always a small chance...  The best part is all the support and positive energy and prayers we have received from friends and family and blogging and facebook friends that we have never even met face to face!  It truly brings tears to my eyes when ever I think about it...I don't think I have ever felt so much love and support before.  Big hugs and thanks to everyone!!!

We're taking it easy around here...Baxter's Papa is able to do almost everything for himself, even if he moves a little slowly.  Small healthy meals, short walks, sitting outside in the sunshine in our new backyard...lot of TV watching for him...and back to my studio for me...that's what it looks like around here.  Love this!

I was actually able to spend a little time in my studio and did these little blocks that I got as a kit a long time ago form here.  They were simple, quick, fun to do and kinda cute!  They will go on a little shelf in the guest room.
Exciting news!  I've been asked to do a weekly blog post for Green Tangerines (the best Scrapbooking Store in the world!!!).  I will be posting on Mondays about new and inspiring inventory in the store...should be fun...I'll be starting Nov. 1, be sure to check it out!

Next up...I've been dying to play with some canvas albums...I'll let you know!

Have I told you about the wonderful block we live on?  We are so blessed...they have arranged for dinners to be delivered to us this week!  Can you believe it??  Since Baxter's Papa does the cooking around here, this is a real lifesaver!!  Thanks to Amanda for setting this up!