Saturday, October 9, 2010

Not so Great Week

We've had a lot of emotions flying around here this week...I know it's all about Baxter's Papa's surgery coming up in a week and a half.  Did I tell you it's been moved up to October 19th from the 26th??  He's having a lot of shortness of breath and getting tired easily. So the Dr has taken him out of work until the know what that means...he's at home!  'Nuff said!!!

My Green Tangerines class has also been moved to Friday, October 15.  Come on over and have some fun!

Finally got some studio time in and hand bound some signatures that will be put into Art Journals....and actually played a little in my Art Journal...

Feeling like I need to remind my self that I'm an artist, and get myself out of my slump!  Next project:  A Christmas House for the Houses on Baxter's Street classes at Green Tangerines...Bring on the Christmas Music!