Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Feel Good Deal of the Day

Have you heard??  My friend, Liv, of Choosing Beauty has come up with the best idea ever!  Groupon, Poopon...this is the Feel Good Deal of the Day!

This is how Liv describes it:  "The FEEL GOOD DEAL OF THE DAY is delivered to your inbox each weekday morning, featuring another great discount on products, programs and companies that are motivational, inspirational, creative, artistic, and just plain awesome-blossom!"

And, I am participating in it!  I am offering a HUGE discount on anything in my Baxter's Mom Etsy Shop!  Click on the Feel Good Deal of the Day Blog button in the right hand column, and sign up for the daily emails...and you will get all the info.  And, every day there is a new offer!!!  This is just too good to pass up.  Do it now!!!

When you sign up for the Feel Good Deal of the Day you will  begin receiving the daily emails...but for today's deal (Baxter's Mom's deal), click here .

Thanks Liv!!!