Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tired of Being Sick!

Wow!  My allergies have really gotten me this year...I have been sooo sick.  Guess it turned into a little sinus infection.  Yuk.  I'm tired of being sick.

Plus, I have done nothing...really not much of anything, and especially, nothing creative.  I guess, I've been in a little creative slump...trying to get out of it...sometimes wondering if all my efforts are worth it.  But every time I think about throwing in the towel, something wonderful happens that give me so much encouragement that I know I need to keep going!

I have been so fortunate to be selected for so many Etsy Treasuries lately...I've posted about only a few, just seems to over the top to post them all!  And, yesterday, I received the sweetest convo from some I have never met, saying the most wonderful things about my art...these are the little things that make it all worth while. 

I did a little series of House and Heart Art a little while back...just waiting for some finishing touches.  I think I will tackle them later today...and maybe I will be able to post tomorrow.

Baxter's Papa is back to working nights, but only some nights...the switching back and forth is killing us...I know it drives me crazy, so I can imagine how he must feel!

On a more personal note, I was honored to sponsor my darling granddaughter, Raegan, for her Conformation last weekend.  It was a beautiful mass and confirmation, held by the Arch Bishop...then a beautiful dinner at a wonderful Italian Restaurant.  Here she is with her mother (my daughter) and father.