Friday, June 24, 2011

Back to Reality

We are home and settled in.  My car has made it to the Saab mechanic...and the bad news is that we need a new engine.  But, it will still be a lot better than buying a new car at this point.  I would rather get a new car when we are ready, and get what we want...rather than we we have to know???

Lot's going on!  And, I've had the best mail week!!!!!  My son gave me the best birthday present ever!!!!  And I just now got's so wonderful, that I don't even care that it's late!  It's a Kelly Thiel Bird!!!!!

Don't know why my colors are so off...but the correct color this like the second one!  I LOVE it!!!!!  Kelly is one of my flyer friends and I have admired her work for a year!!!  Thanks Matt & Kelly!!!

I also got the print that I won from Elizabeth's Blogaversary!!!

It is so beautiful...I LOVE it!!!  Thanks, Elizabeth!

Trying to find my mojo...I do know it's here someplace...I better go look.....