Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Wonderful...

Baxter's Papa and I just returned from a slightly extended trip to San Diego.

So we left Roseville at 5AM last Wednesday...had a great trip, the dogs were fantastic...we made a couple of potty/play stops...making fantastic time...until we were half way up the first big hill on the grapevine...about 5 miles from the city of Grapevine.  And the car died.  We pulled over on the shoulder, but the shoulder was small and LOTS of BIG TRUCKS!  And we have the two dogs.  So, we called AAA...they came to get us and towed us into Thousand Oaks to the closest SAAB Dealer.  Problem--barely room for us, never mind the dogs.  So they put the car on a tow bed truck, us in the cab and the dogs in the car...oh, yeah...and we had rolled down the windows and now the battery was dead so we couldn't roll them back up...two big black dogs in a white SAAB on a tow truck with all the windows down and their hair just blowing away.  I, of course, was worried sick.  Baxter is very good...but, Lulu is still a little(???) unpredictable.

So we finally got to the SAAB Dealer about 2:30 PM...and waited with the two big dogs in the waiting room while they looked at the car and determined that they couldn't fix it right away...probably a blown head gasket (?????), all I can think of is lots of $$$$$.

Baxter's Papa kept saying, don't worry...so we left my car at the dealer for them to figure it out and we rented a car...and finally got on the road again.  After driving around in circles for awhile we finally got to San Diego about 10:30PM...way toooooo long a day.

The Kimpton Hotel is fabulous...they LOVED the dogs...they have beds and bowls for them in our room!  And a welcome sign outside!

Tursday, Baxter's Papa went to a woodworking show that he loved and I hung out with the pups. 

The next day...was the BEST!!!  I had a class with Suzi Blu!!!  So, I went to her house(!!!!!) and we worked in her studio (!!!!!!) for a couple of hours and she taught me how to draw and shade those wonderful eyes that she is known for.

We hung out at her house for awhile...got to see some sneak peeks at her new book...then Baxter's Papa took us out for Pizza!  It was so much fun meeting and chatting with Suzi...and learning.  I've been practicing Suzi's eyes since then!  I feel like I have a new friend!  Thanks, Suzi!

Back to the car...it is being transported to our Saab Mechanic...will get there tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed that it won't be toooo bad...or too long.