Monday, June 13, 2011

Julie Nutting and Suzi Blu!!!

My friend, Julie Nutting, is have her first Blogaversary!  And what's a blogaversary without givaways!  Check her out...she offering three prizes...and awesome prizes they are!

So Baxter's Papa and I have decided to take a little Road Trip...we are going to San Diego for a few days.  We're taking both dogs with up in my little Saab-y  Convertible...yes, we're completely nuts!  We really just love to travel with out dogs...and really this will be a dog trip.  Baxter's Papa is going to see some woodworking exhibit, and I am taking a class from Suzi Blu!!!!  And, we'll find a dog beach for the dog to play!

Wait.  Did you hear that???? I AM TAKING A CLASS FROM SUZI BLU!!!!!!!!!  A one on one learn to make her eyes!!!!!!  This is a dream come true for me....I have always adored Suzi Blu's Art and Baxter's Papa actually commissioned a piece from her for my for my 60th birthday!  A Crafty Angel, with my Baxter sitting in front of me!!

Aren't they just wonderful?