Thursday, June 9, 2011

So Much Better!

The sun has been shining for the last couple of's been warm and pretty outside...and I am feeling so much better!

I had lunch with my wonderful flyer friend, Jen...always a sure way to get me going again!  She has a new sewing machine and is just going to town making the cutest things!  More on that later.  

Since I was half way there, I decided to run over to see Sandy at The Stamp Art Shoppe.  She always has so much inspiration around...great to feed my Mixed Media soul.  I signed up to take a class tomorrow to make a Happy Book...using papers and fabrics...watercoloring, journaling...should be fun!  Happy Book = Get Me Out of my Funk...sounds perfect!  I'll show you the results this weekend.

Then off to meet my girlies at Chevy's for Happy Hour!

And, of course, I had to stop in Green Tangerines for my supplies for my class tomorrow.  I love this store...and if you haven't check out their new Classes anad Events section...please do so!  Wonderfuly interactive!

So, after my day of running around....I'm ready to go.  Still a little cleaning up to do in my studio...then I'm ready to hit the bricks!

I had a birthday recently...I turned 63!  Had a wonderful many birthday greetings and surprises.  One of my favorites...this birdie from Jen...she MADE it!!!!   So adorable!  My photo doesn't do it justice  because my studio is so cluttered, I can't get a solid background.   BUT, I LOVE IT!!!!  Thanks, Jen!!!