Thursday, July 7, 2011

Always so Busy

It sure seems like I am a busy girl for a retiree!  Sometimes I feel like I'm running in circles and not getting any thing really done!  But it has all been fun!

So weekend before last, my friend, Julie Nutting came and stayed a few days with us.  She was teaching a couple of classes in Grass Valley.  We had a great time.  First of all her classes were terrific!  As were the students...those girls up in Grass Valley sure know how to have fun...Thanks, Lindsay!  Oh, and while I was up there, Lindsay showed off my Juicy Houses and I may be teaching a class at Ben Franklin!  Stay tuned.  It was so wonderful to finally meet Lindsay Ostrom...the lettering queen and the Creator of Cuteness!  I've only been her groupie for I don't know how many years!!!  Remember those lettering books from the early scrapbooking years?    Um, yeah...that's her!  Also, check out Julie's Blog...she has pictures of my house!

And, be sure to pick up a copy of Julie's Book, it is so awesome!