Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I AM Still Here!

Focus!  That was my word of the year...and I really need to get back to working on it.  Focus!  I have been jumping all around...and not getting a lot accomplished. 

I have had a lot of family stuff  going on...I guess that's where my head is. 

My Mom is 88 years old, and still living in her house by herself.  My two Sisters and I have been wanting her to move to a smaller place, maybe a Senior Apartment...but she just wasn't ready.   Well, she is finally we've been looking and talking and figuring it all out.  It's not an easy transition...lot's to do, and lot's to think about.

Another fun family thing is that while attending a conference in Washington, DC, my Sister re-connected with some long lost cousins!  Their Mom had been "Estranged" from the rest of the family, so we didn't even know them growing up.  But, it's been so much fun re-connecting with them and comparing family history and stories.  My family has such a colorful past...nothing bad, well maybe one thing, but just crazy, eccentric and wild!  It's fun to think about them again.

My darling, wonderful and adorable granddaughter, Raegan, had a birthday...14 years old!!!  I can hardly believe it.  She's starting high school in just a few weeks!  Where has the time gone????  Just like her Grammy, she love quotes!!  She has asked me to make something to hang on her wall that has a quote about home...right up my alley!  Here's the beginning...

And, just because they are so cute...  This bed is hardly big enough for one...let alone two...
But this is the way they nap!!