Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hello! Is anybody still out there???

Well, it has certainly been a long time...and I'm trying to get back in the groove.  First of all that Flu really knocked me off my feet...then we have had house guests in and out for almost the entire month of May.  I think I just became overwhelmed with everything going on, and just had to take a step back for a moment.  But, I'm back full force now...trying to hit the studio, get creating and re-stock my Etsy Shop.  Speaking of Etsy...I have only one frame left in the shop, a square frame covered in Vintage Sheet Music, with my coiled flowers in the corner.  
Sadly, I haven't sold any through Etsy.  But they have been selling at Kristi's Craft Fairs and to friends!  BUT, I'm not giving up on Etsy...I have some new items to post, hopefully tomorrow!  And lots of ideas brewing!

Be sure to check out my friend, Mary's new Etsy Shop -- Bee Altered.  She has wonderful Altered Art items and supplies using recycled, reused and repurposed items.