Sunday, June 6, 2010


Is this the same dog???
Poor Baxter, his hair had gotten so long and thick and matted...we couldn't even give him a proper bath!  So today, Baxter's Papa got out the clippers and went to just wouldn't believe how much hair come off of him.  I wish I had taken a picture of the pile of hair... I guess that would be pretty gross.  He was such a good boy, just standing there and being patient...I think he was actually happy to get his summer cut.  Of course now, he's scooting around looking a little embarrassed...I think he thinks he's naked!  But, you can tell he feel so much better.  

So tomorrow Baxter's Papa goes  back to work...he's been home of vacation all week.  It's been nice having him home and we've taken care of a few projects around the house. 

I finally got caught up on all the downloads and videos for my Art Journaling Class -- Nostalgic Musings, and I've been getting ready to start my journaling.  I've done a light watercolor wash over a few pages in preparation, cleaned my worktable and basically done everything I can do to put off actually put the pen on the paper.  Why am I so chicken???  It's just ink...  I always think of things I want to journal about, but for some reason it's hard to actually put the words on paper.  That will be on my list of goals for this week.