Sunday, August 29, 2010

So Much Going On!

There has been so much going on that I have been a little overwhelmed...almost like my head was spinning and I couldn't settle down to get anything done!  But I just saw my friend Carrie's Juicy Houses and got all inspired again...thanks Carrie, just what I needed!!!!

This is what has been sitting on my table in my studio for a week now...

With Carrie's inspiration, I plan on making big progress tomorrow.  Baxter's Papa is working tomorrow so I will have a quiet house to work in.

We've had some drama going on with kids...I  won't go into to it, but will say this, do kids ever grow up??  And all of ours are grown and married (except Matt, who is in Charleston and doing great!).

On the fun side, we have the most wonderful house guests...Paula and Ken from the Green Tangerine family are staying with us.  They are working hard to get the store open, so we hardly see them...but when we do, we talk and laugh and have so much fun!  I don't want them to ever leave!

It's late, and I'm off to bed...but I will be back tomorrow with some updated pictures of my latest Juicy Houses...