Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Studio Time!!!

Well, my son has gone back to Charleston...but we had a great visit with him!!!  It's been several years since he's been home around the holidays, but we got lucky this year...so we had our family Christmas a week early.  Such a great day, and so nice to have the whole family together!  Just sad to see him go...
But, the good news is that after all the activity, I finally have some time in the studio!  I've decided this is the time to really get serious about my art and get my Creative Business going.  As some of you know, in this past year I took Kelly Rae Roberts class, Flying Lessons.  It was an incredible experience, and I made many wonderful connections and friends.  I've started re-reading the material...and I'm getting all inspired again.

I've decided to start a heart series.  I've never done a series before, but why not try??  I created one piece, just to get a feel for where I was going and I thought I would show you a bit of my process.

First I covered the edges of the canvas with pages from a vintage book.  I love using vintage paper, either book, dictionary or sheet music.  I almost always use at least a little bit in every piece I do.
Then I covered the canvas in a collage of papers.  In this case, vintage sheet music, vintage book page and some fun polka dot paper.  I love Polka Dots!
After that, I played with some paint, masks, stamps and whatever else I could find!
Then, I started to create my heart with various papers...
Added a few words...
And there you go!  What do you think??

Today, I'm preparing four new canvases for my Heart Series...with me luck!