Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Guest Post

Hello everyone! My name is Jen and I'm visiting today from my little corner of the internet,

By Jen

I was so excited when Sylvia asked me to come visit her blog. I met Sylvia this past summer through Kelly Rae Roberts' Flying Lessons and we've been enjoying each other's support and creative inspiration ever since. I am a lucky girl to have a friend like Sylvia! She's asked me to share a bit about my Word Art, but first let me tell you a little about me.

I am happily married to a wonderfully supportive man and we have two beautiful, yet exhausting, little girls ages 3 and 6. I work as an optometrist by day, but my heart truly belongs to all things creative. Over the years I've dabbled in many crafts and have enjoyed combining my skills and materials to make art, especially my Word Art.

Since 2008, I've chosen one word to inspire my new year, in lieu of New Year's "resolutions." Like many, I first was introduced to this concept through Ali Edward's one little word and it just made sense to me. Year after year I had ended up with the same resolutions that I just couldn't keep them. But with my one little word, I feel inspired and hopeful, even if what I am striving for are the same things. As a reminder of my chosen words, I've made myself an art piece each year. My Word Art was born in 2009, when I chose the word Create.

Word Art
Create Word Art
That year I decided to make my Create using supplies I already had because my love of being creative had resulted in a studio overflowing with different art and craft supplies (and I was hoping to "create" space). Also inspired by my word, I decided to use the various skills I had been collecting, such as scrapbooking, sewing, felting, etc.. I was thrilled with the results and started making more for my friends and even my husband, who had also chosen a word, Today (we're a couple of procrastinators). With this one little word I also created some magic for myself by being included in a Donna Downey newsletter (a huge inspiration to me) and making my first Etsy sale (quite the happy event)!

Word Art
Inspire Word Art

From here my mind quickly filled with more ideas for words (and even names), so I have been happily creating them ever since. I love that the possibilities are endless. Not only have I made my one little words, but I've also enjoyed making baby names, room decor, wedding gifts and holiday decor. And many of the pieces serve as gentle reminders of concepts we should embrace and celebrate like love, imagination, and dreams.

Word Art
Love Word Art
To see more of my pieces you can stop by my shop and browse my current collection, which includes the options to have a custom piece made (my very favorite thing to do--I love making pieces personal), or even a DIY kit so you can enjoy the process of making one for yourself. You can also see more creations in my flickr gallery. And be sure to visit my blog for future creations as I continue my creative adventures (which will also be including more mixed media and hopefully an art journal)!

Thanks so much for visiting! And thanks to the lovely and talented Sylvia for having me!