Friday, January 21, 2011

What a Day!

First off, thanks to Jen for such a wonderful guest post!  I love her and her work.  As she mentioned, Jen and I met through Kelly Ray Roberts Flying Lessons class and I we have been getting together since.  She is such a wonderful source of support and inspiration...Thanks, again, Jen!

Well, we are certainly have a day around here.  Somehow, Baxter's Papa managed to break a glass in the dishwasher, and glass got into the bottom of the dishwasher under the spinning thing and even though he can usually fix anything, he can't figure out how to get in there to clean out the glass.  My solution is to call someone to fix it....but NOOOO, he can figure this out!  Husbands!!!!

And, sweet little Lulu has decided to rear her Briard stubborn streak and refuses to come when she is called...she thinks it's a game to run away!!!  Driving us CRAZY!!!  Puppy we come.

And on top of the my studio is a huge mess...definitely time to stop whining and start cleaning!  Tomorrow will be a better day!