Saturday, February 26, 2011

Why Have I Been Gone So Long?

I don't know why I've been gone so long...just does seem to get in the way of what I want to do...

And, I've been busy doing some fun things!  Last weekend, I took Donna Downey's Inspiration Journal class at Scrapbook Territory, in Berkeley.  It was great!  I went with my "Flyer" friend, Jen, and two or her friends.  Let me tell you, Donna's class was terrific!  She was knowledgeable, and gracious and taught technique and technique.  We did backgrounds, and layers, drippage, photo transfers, gathered flowers, rolled flower stems and more.  She gave us each one of her Inspiration Journals...all around it was a great class.  I loved the way the Inspiration Journals are made...they are able to expand with your art and still stay closed.  She had the journals made with Bazzill paper, which I switched out to watercolor paper...just my preference, sorry Donna!
So, Baxter's Papa went with me to Berkeley last weekend because we had a family Birthday Party in Livermore to go to afterwards.  While I was in class, he shopped around and found the score of the year!  The Crate and Barrell outlet had this awesome cabinet marked down from $800 to $399...I can't believe that he actually thought it would be great in the sewing room I've been setting up!  We went to look at it, and of course I loved it...and they told us that if it was still there on Tuesday, it would be discounted even more!  So, we decided to chance it and ended up going back on Tuesday and got it for $319!!!!  Love it!
Yes, I sew also!  It's just that since my Studio has taken over my entire crafting space, the sewing stuff got packed up until I could figure out what to do with it.  We have a good sized sitting room off of our bedroom, that we never used, so I've been converting it into a sewing room...with this latest edition it's really taking shape.  For some reason, I've really been wanting to sew lately...

And, lastly, I am taking the "She Art Workshop" starting Monday.  I'm so excited to take this...cannot wait.  I love Christy's Art and always love learning new techniques!