Tuesday, March 1, 2011

OLW Blog Hop

Hello!  And, welcome to my stop on the OLW Blog Hop.  If you started at the beginning of this Blog Hop, you are probably coming to me from my friend Jen's blog.  If not, I encourage you to visit the lovely Maggie's blog to start at the beginning or just follow along from here.  Either way, be sure to read to the bottom of this post for the link to the next stop and for a surprise giveaway.

I have been a fan of Ali Edwards for years...I love her philosophy of just recording life.  She came up with the One Little Word Concept several years ago... to choose one word for the year, to focus on, to meditate on, to reflect on in your daily activities.  I love the idea of the power that this one word could have in your life.  This year I chose the word FOCUS.  Being a typical Gemini, I usually have tons of different ideas bouncing around in my mind at any given time.  Things I want to do, experience, paint...as a result, I sometimes feel like I am running around in circles.  So, my challenge is to FOCUS...to settle down and FOCUS on what I want to get done--specifically with my art.  To help me stay on track, I decided to take the One Little Word Workshop at Big Picture Classes, and as part of that I have joined in this OLW Blog Hop.  So here we are!

The Pre-Class assignment was to create a "Title Page".  I love color, and I love playing with paints...so I decided to incorporate them with my One Little Word:  FOCUS.
The January assignment was all about establishing a baseline for our word.  We were given prompts for definition, quotes, reasons, etc.
This months assignment was to capture examples in and around our daily lives.  I want to focus on my my time, my schedule...my ART!  And, just as an example of WHY I need to focus on FOCUSING...I am doing this at the last minute...so, my scan isn't as good as I would like it to be...and I may end up re-doing it some, but here it is!
Thanks for staying with me for this long post!  I would like to offer a giveaway of a print of one if my multi media pieces:
Leave me a comment, and I will randomly pick a winner in two weeks...March 15, at 8PM.

Now, it's time to hop to the next blog post by Christianne...Have Fun!

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