Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ranger Industries Rocks!

When they first came out, I bought a bunch of Ranger's Dabber Paints.  I used them a little, but really never like the way they went on paper.  For me, they went on streaky, and the little foam dabber thingy would get clogged...Just didn't love them.  So, they went on the back burner, and I sort of forgot about them.  Then, just recently I realized that I didn't have to use them as dabbers...I could just open them up and use the paint with a brush.  Duh...  Well every bottle that I opened now contained DRY PAINT...I mean dry...I could not mix with water.  Well, just on a whim I sent an email to Ranger Industries.  They replied quickly, and asked how many I had (about 25), and sent replacements!  Plus the Dabbers have now been redesigned so they wouldn't clog and they have softer sides, so they be squeezed!  Wow, what customer service!!!
Thank you, Ranger Industries!!!