Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Day of Magic

Sunday...Mother's Day.  

Since I knew I wouldn't be seeing either of my kids, I decided to treat myself to a workshop by Kelly Rae Roberts and Andrea Scher at The Teahouse in Berkley.  

This was not your typical workshop.  

It was Brunch with Kelly Rae and Andrea and and 19 other women, and just the opportunity sit around and talk about anything we wanted to talk about.  
Sorta like the coming together of like-minded souls.  

I was a little worried, 
wondering what I would be able to contribute to our conversation.

But, the moment I walked in, 
Kelly Rae welcomed me with a big hug 
and I could just feel the energy of the room...
so positive, 
so warm, 
so nurturing, 
so comforting.  

The group was perfect...
the universe had certainly brought us together at this time and place for a reason.  

This day was something I have needed for so long...
something that I craved.  
Something I knew I was missing.  

We laughed, 
we cried, 
we told stories, 
we opened our hearts to each other 
and connected in a way I've never know before.  
In a real way.  

We identified our own super powers.  

We became a Tribe! 

It truly was a day of magic!

I'll leave you with the sneak peak picture we got to see before Sunday:
Sunday was the 
Best. Day. Ever. 

and I will never forget it!