Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yep! I'm still here!

I know it's been quite a while since I last blogged...just so much going on.

First of all, Baxter's Papa is scheduled for Open Heart Surgery to repair a faulty Aortic Valve.  The surgery will be 10/26...and he'll be donating his own blood in the weeks prior.  This is scary for both of us, even though I know he will be fine and feel so much better afterwards.  The worst part is his grumpies!

We have started on the re-do of our back yard...they have been jack-hammering and digging and moving sod and dirt.  They have the patio all framed up and start to pour tomorrow.  Can't wait!  We've been out shopping for BIG fun to see it all starting to come together.  I'll try to get some pics tomorrow.

My absolute and only Scrapbooking Store, Green Tangerines, has reopened with a bang!  I was lucky to get to help out with some of the goings on before the opening and take pictures on the opening day.  If you are local you should really check it out...they have all the latest and greatest and they are getting tons more delivered daily!

Baxter's Papa is turning 60!  Got these invitations out the other day...
I think my mojo is back!  I finally finished one more Juicy will be listed on Etsy soon...and I'm actually anxious to start on the next a great idea!
 Off to my GT happy hour....