Saturday, April 9, 2011

Baxter and Lulu

It's been a while since I've showed you some pictures of my sweet Baxter and crazy Lulu!  Baxter is nearly 9 now, and it's hard to remember when he was a wild puppy...he's now so sweet and calm and loving.  He never leaves my side in the house or outside.  I have to admit, he's a little prissy for a big black dog.  I prefer to just say he's a Prince.  He doesn't like to go out in the rain.  If the grass is wet, he has to walk on a sidewalk.  He's not a huge chow-hound...and a little picky about what he eats.

Then, there's Lulu...wild and crazy...nothing scares her...and I think she's part goat!  This puppy will eat anything!  Her only saving grace is that she is so darn cute!

The good thing is she wants to do everything Baxter does...just like any little sister...